Thermographic Inspection – Fault of the Week at Veriserv

In this example of our Veriserv fault of the week a thermographic inspection detects latent defect which could cause failure and/or fire.
A small rise in temperature at an electrical terminal was found while undertaking a thermographic inspection. Not visible to the naked eye, if left unchecked, the termination could undergo a progressive failure that would lead to very high temperatures and could be a likely cause of fire.

A number of causes can give rise to increased heat either at electrical switchgear, terminations or electrical circuits.

In this instance the engineer inspected the electrical connection more closely and noted that the wiring is becoming discoloured due to the heat. This would suggest that even higher temperatures were possibly reached at this point under load conditions.

Identifying ‘hot spots’ in electrical equipment is just the starting point for Veriserv engineers when undertaking thermographic inspections. These ‘hot spots’ or points of interest require careful consideration to identify the root cause. As all inspections are undertaken by electrical engineers, investigating the likely cause of the failure is immediate and speedy rectification is often made.

More information on Thermographic Inspection

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Relevant Regulations
Electricity at Work Regulations 1989-Reg 4(2) ‘maintenance to prevent danger’. Reg 10 ‘Connections’
IET Wiring Regulations 2008 (amd 2015): 134.1.4

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