When was your CCTV system last serviced?

CCTV systems are not only essential for the security of your premises but it is also a very useful tool with regards to health and safety in any business or industry. This is why it is very important that your security/safety systems are maintained periodically to ensure that when required they are functioning correctly.

During a recent service visit to a new client by a Veriserv engineer, he noticed that the premises was suffering from a camera fail. Upon investigation, our engineer found that the camera had failed due to a severe water ingress issue. When designing and installing a CCTV system, it is very important that the location of each camera is sited in a position not only to provide the maximum amount of coverage, but also to take into account the surface or infrastructure of the building the camera shall be fixed upon.

External CCTV systems face the brunt of the British weather 365 days of the year. Although the IP (ingress protection) rating of a camera is designed by the manufacturer to keep the elements out; eventually over time if not maintained, the rubber seals and glands can perish. This causes water ingress, potentially taking out the PSU (power supply unit), which supplies the remaining cameras on site, which could result in a complete CCTV failure across the premises.

A failure of this size would be a significant security and safety issue to any business. Keeping your CCTV system serviced regularly, is as important as keeping any of your other security systems (such as your fire alarm) fully functioning.

When was your CCTV system last serviced? Veriserv engineers are very experienced in all aspects of CCTV, whether your premises is either an office complex, or an industrial factory. During a periodic service, we shall advise the client where any possible future failure may occur, and recommend any remedial works to ensure that your CCTV meets your needs.

Our mission is to provide every single customer with an outstanding service that is fit for purpose and delivered by experts to reduce risk. As you can see from our other faults of the week, regular visits from a professional can cut down the risk of electrical faults, fire and disrupted security, to you and your workplace.

So if you know you are due a service, or have some concerns about your premises, please call 01543 225306, or fill out one of our contact forms to arrange a free assessment of your premises, with one of our fully trained engineers.