What is Fixed Wire Testing and an EICR?

Put simply, Fixed Wire Testing is the physical inspection and testing of electrical wiring installations such as main panels, circuits, socket outlets, lighting, air conditioning, etc. Note that given the need in most cases to disconnect electrical circuits, this form of inspection requires advanced planning to minimise disturbance and perhaps scheduling the work outside normal hours.

After Fixed Wire Testing an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is issued highlighting any action required with any highly dangerous observations to be actioned immediately.

Observations are ranked according to their severity with those of most concern and requiring immediate action Code C1 or less severe but of potential danger Code C2 and Code F/I for items requiring further investigation such as unidentified circuits.

Fixed Wire Testing

In some cases, observations may fall outside current regulations but are not dangerous, and these are coded C3. Observations in either Codes C1, C2 of F/I will need to be rectified in order for compliance with electrical safety regulations and the installation to be deemed as satisfactory.

Fixed Wire Testing not only ensures compliance with Health & Safety regulations, but also various policy requirements for commercial insurers.

Wire testing is incredibly important to keep you and your employees safe. If you have any questions or would like us to arrange an assessment of your premises, please call 01543 225306, or fill our contact form.

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