Electrical testing

With our comprehensive electrical testing services, we can do everything at the same time. Combined with planning and reporting methods, we help you to protect your time and budgets and avoid any unnecessary disruption in the workplace.

PAT testing

Protect your business by complying with legislation and your duty of care to ensure portable appliances have been tested and checked, making them safe for your staff and customers to use.

Fixed wire inspection & testing

Protect your building’s electrical installations to ensure they are safe & compliant and identify areas where you can reduce electrical energy usage and save costs.

Emergency Lighting & testing

Protect your people with regular emergency lighting electrical testing to ensure it is compliant and works correctly, allowing safe evacuate of your building in the event of an emergency.

Thermographic Surveys

Protect people’s valuable time in the workplace from inspection work by using Thermography Surveys that minimise disruption

CAD schematics & floor plans

Protect your budgets by having your building’s drawings and plans created for you to speed up and reduce the costs of your periodic inspections.

Reporting & certificates

Protect your information with Veriserv’s own tracking software that provides peace of mind that all of your testing and compliance data is safely stored and accessible.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv Electrical Testing Services

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