Veriserv is a member of the ECA

We are pleased to announce that we have recently become a member of the ECA; Electrical Contractors’ Association.

ECA is the UK’s largest trade association and is exclusively made up of organisations involved with design, installation, monitoring, testing, inspection and maintenance within the electrotechnical and engineering services sector.

ECA members have achieved the highest levels of certification in their areas of work through ‘approved’ industry certification bodies or the ECA’s own Technical Assessment Scheme. As a result, clients can be assured that Veriserv as a ECA members, not only deliver the highest calibre of work possible, but are also supported by an organisation that ensures we are performing at their peak.

As an ECA Registered Member Veriserv are obliged to work in a competent and responsible manner with due regard to the standards set out in the ECA’s Guarantee of Work and Bond schemes, which are specific to electrical, voice/data communications, security or control systems installation or maintenance work. Veriserv will also be subjected to periodic technical assessments and are expected, at all times, to maintain the skills and knowledge appropriate to their trade. Through these measures Veriserv customers can ensure consistent quality work, support and follow-up.

Veriserv covers the main electrical support areas of electrical testing from PAT testing through to fixed wire inspections and emergency lighting testing. In addition our electrical installation team has over 20 years’ experience ensuring installations are delivered on time and on budget by a multi-disciplined design, project management and engineering team, to ensure the highest standards, protecting the workplace and the people there,

In addition to our electrical support areas Veriserv are major service providers in the fire safety area with the care of fire alarm maintenance through to providing a comprehensive fire solution.

Veriserv also provide security programmes to protect our customers, whether that’s the installation of simple barriers and gates through to providing our own comprehensive safety and security systems, Verisafe, for the protection of staff, designed for those that are exposed continually to members of the public.

If you have any questions or want to book a free assessment of your premises fill out our contact form or call 01543 225306 to speak to a member of our team.