In a commercial situation and as part of an employer’s duty under the health & safety act 1974 all workplace equipment classed as mechanical or engineering plant require mandatory inspection and testing under various enabling regulations. Sometimes these inspections are referred to as “insurance inspection” or “statutory inspection”.

As part of the broad compliance packages offered by Veriserv, our clients have the peace of mind that these plant items can be included in our managed services and scheduled for inspection at the appropriate time.

Working with our strategic Insurance partners, Veriserv facilitate inspections of:

  • Mechanical Plant – PUWER
  • Lift & Cranes – LOLER, PUWER
  • Exhaust Ventilation Plant – COSHH
  • Power Press – PUWER
  • Pressure Plant – PUWER, PSSR

LOLER lift & PUWER inspections

Operating to stringent legislation and mandatory inspection dates, Veriserv support your legal obligations by providing insurance standard engineers, managed by one of our experienced contracts managers.

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