Fire Safety

With our fire safety installation, servicing and maintenance services, we’ll protect you and your business from the potential horrors of fires. We also have a few add-ons that can protect your building and people even more.

Fire Alarm Installation

Protect your people's lives by providing fire safety prevention and protection to keep your staff and customers safe.

Fire Alarm Servicing

Protect your fire prevention and protection systems by periodic servicing, ensuring that they are kept in good working order work correctly in the event they are needed.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Protect your fire alarms - it's the first sign that you will get of a fire penetrating the building, and it is therefore vital that it is properly maintained.

Fire Suppression Systems

Protect your building and assets with fire suppression systems that control and extinguish fires without putting people in danger.

Voice & refuge

Your business may require a voice alarm (VA) or evacuation (EVAC) system. These systems are a means of alerting people to an emergency in a controlled and clear manner with the minimum of delay and have become the primary means of evacuating large or public buildings.

Fire extinguishers

Protect your employees by servicing and maintaining all fire extinguishers within your premises. Make sure they work when needed by employing Veriserv to provide annual inspection and certification. A must to satisfy your mandatory fire risk assessment.

24/7 Call out

Protect yourself from the unexpected by being able to access a 24/7 call out service, who can deal with any faults, and get you back compliant, quickly and effectively.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv Fire Safety Services

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