Veriserv are here to support your business during the Covid-19 pandemic with an electrical testing and more.

Currently whether it be in business or at a personal level, we are all being advised by the government and health officials to keep our distance and be safe during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Some businesses are in the position where they can allow people to work from home and take advantage of the “furlough scheme” to support their staff. However, many of our customers are “hands-on” requiring their staff to be present to carry out necessary work or maintain systems. Clearly at the same time, the medical advisors stress that people working from home or attending the workplace, should continue to seek medical help if they have any new serious conditions or need to attend on going appointments and treatments.

In these difficult times, Veriserv wish to advise existing and potential customers that there is no need to delay protecting you and your business’ electrical testing, or electrical check, electrical and mechanical installation, security and fire safety services. At Veriserv we are perfectly set up to fill in the gaps in service provision due to such unforeseen circumstances.

business covid-19 electrical testing

Companies may not have the capacity with your own reduced workforce and engineers to serve your customers effectively, but you have a commitment to do so. Your reputation depends upon it so tap into our extensive network of nationally located and directly employed engineers, covering multiple disciplines, not just electrical check as an extension of your own service. At Veriserv we are perfectly set up to fill gaps in service provision due to such unforeseen circumstances.

Another positive point may be that during these quieter times, it may be the time for companies to re-evaluate their current electrical testing, electrical and mechanical installation, security and fire safety services set-up and take the opportunity to contact a professional company like ours to evaluate their needs.

Finally on a financial point, companies are under extreme pressure at present to deliver their profit requirements. Veriserv can help you to:

  • Protect your profit margins by not employing extra, costly engineers who aren’t needed all of the time.
  • Access a flexible, multi-disciplined team of engineers who you can simply switch on – or off – as required.
  • Improve your productivity by not having engineers sat idle when they’re not needed

Remember that if your company is forced to reduce or stop their working procedures for a length of time, it is prudent of the company to check electrical and fire installations before start-up through a reputable company. Veriserv serve both these sectors and allowing such surveys to be completed by just one company.

Our engineers are here to help advise and carry out necessary installation and follow-up service programmes.

Our website covers all our contact details and please ensure all assistance will be in the safest way possible during this time.

If you have any questions or want to book a free assessment of your premises fill out our contact form or call 01543 225306 to speak to a member of our team.

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