Delivering extra capacity

For other compliance businesses, we become an extension of your own internal team to meet your customer and contractual requirements.

Protect your reputation

You might not have the capacity with your own engineers to serve your customers effectively, but you have a commitment to do so. Your reputation depends upon it.

In a world where you either have too little or too much resource, tap into our extensive network of nationally located and directly employed engineers, covering multiple disciplines, as an extension of your own service.

Protect your own deadlines

We can help you to:

  • Meet your commitments for around the clock, 24-hour support
  • Increase your capacity quickly to deliver in peak periods.
  • Gear up quickly for a new contract to meet your customer’s expectations from day one.
  • Offer your own customers a comprehensive service with access to different disciplines, even when you don’t have those disciplines in-house.
  • Fill gaps in service provision due to unforeseen circumstances.

Protect profit margins

At the same time, we help you to:

  • Protect your profit margins by not employing extra, costly engineers who aren’t needed all of the time.
  • Access a flexible, multi-disciplined team of engineers who you can simply switch on – or off – as required.
  • Improve your productivity by not having engineers sat idle when they’re not needed.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv

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Delivering Extra Capacity


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