Customising your protection

For those who require a no-fuss and cost-effective service, we customise the protection that you need to make sure that you’re safe and compliant.

Protect everyone you need to protect

You have a legal obligation and duty of care to create and maintain a safe environment to protect everyone who comes under your jurisdiction.

It is a priority, but sometimes it’s probably not a priority, especially if you're a small business or organisation and it’s not your day job.

You’re busy. The regulatory requirements or the fine-print of your insurance obligations are not necessarily at the forefront of your busy schedule. Neither is it probably a priority for your already stretched resources.

Veriserv is here to help by customising what you need to comply and keep everyone protected.

Protect everyone you need to protect

You could use different contractors to do what needs to be done. Different ones to test and inspect, to maintain and to install. A specialist for electrical, a specialist for security and a specialist for fire protection.

Alternatively, you can specify and customise exactly what you need with one contractor, Veriserv.

  • Veriserv can install and maintain everything you need.
  • A single point of contact, who will co-ordinate our team around your own busy schedule.
  • One single bill to process.

Protect your finance

  • With time saved, with one contractor, saves money.
  • With the right engineer always on hand to deal with inspections, maintenance or remedial work, you’re always compliant; no enforced closures or prolonged downtime costing you money.
  • With multiple services comes multiple discounts.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv

See how Veriserv is protecting others like you.
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Customising your Protection


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