Case Studies

See how Veriserv protects its customers. Whether in hospitality, retail, commercial, industrial, education or public service, big or small, a single site or multi-site operation, or even a fellow testing and compliance business, Veriserv helps it’s customers to protect what’s valuable to them.

Customising your protection

We protect the time and budgets of those who want a single supplier to take care of all of their testing security and fire safety requirement, by installing and maintaining everything that is needed with the cost savings, of doing, this passed on to the customer.

Delivering extra capacity

We help fellow electrical, fire and security testing and compliance businesses to protect their reputation in meeting their customers’ requirements, by supplementing their own engineers with ours.

Keeping open for business

We help pub, retail or hospitality chains, with multiple outlets, and multiple compliance requirements, across the country to protect their sales revenues, by minimising the risk of faults any potential downtime.

Minmising disruption

We help larger businesses and organizations to protect time and money, by taking away the unwelcome disruption that can occur from large scales testing and compliance work.

Protecting multiple sites

We help multiple sites with multiple environments and multiple risks through protecting everyone and everything, everywhere across their entire operation, by applying the same high standards across the country in every discipline.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv
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