Minimising disruption

For those who have big and complex buildings and estates, we project manage delivery so that you avoid any potential disruption to lots of people.

Protect yourself from disruption

With electrical testing and compliance comes the challenge of avoiding the disruption that it can cause, especially for larger businesses and organisations with more people.

It can stop you – and your colleagues – from doing what they really need to do.

Protect your deadlines

When disruption happens, deadline slip. Not just those of completing any electrical testing and maintenance work, but those of meeting your legal obligations.

You also end up spending time - time that you don’t have – dealing your colleague’s disruptions and their frustrations.

With Veriserv, we help you to avoid this unwelcome disruption. We work with you to avoid the pitfalls of any potential disruption.

Protect your time and that of everyone else.

At Veriserv we have years of experience delivering electrical testing and compliance projects in large buildings and estates, that’s why we appoint a dedicated project manager who works with you to avoid the potential pitfalls of disruption.

  • A project manager who extracts from the key contacts their key concerns about disruption
  • A project manager who identifies critical systems and locations
  • A project manager who will create and orchestrate a delivery plan, constructed to deal with everyone’s concerns.
  • A project manager who will schedule engineer’s work without disrupting the working environment.
  • A project manager who will communicate the plan to you and regularly update you on the achievement of its milestones.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv

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Minimising Disruption


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