Exposed electrical supply in burnt out lamp post

Our “fault of the week” posts are published to show the sort of dangerous electrical faults that our Veriserv engineers are finding every day of the week whilst carrying out routine electrical inspection & testing at our customer’s premises. Exposed electrical supply and burnt out wiring & control gear was found within this lamp post.

We hope that in posting examples we will raise more awareness and hopefully this will lead to fewer electric shocks and electrical fires

In this example the dark nights just got darker for this public entertainments area in the Black Country. Exposed electrical supply and burnt out wiring & control gear was found within this lamp post during the planned electrical inspection by Veriserv. On closer inspection though, there was considerable damage within the lamp post as the incoming supply cable was still found to be live. Immediate action is called for when a defect like this is identified, particularly so when the equipment is situated in a publicly accessible area.

In this instance the Veriserv engineer isolated the lamp post at the supply origin, notified the site contact and investigated other lamp posts to identify if the defect has occurred elsewhere.

It’s a legal requirement for any property owner to provide a safe place for persons within a public accessible area. To satisfy this requirement suitable and proper inspection and maintenance must be carried out at regular intervals. Veriserv are specialists in the areas of Electrical Inspection & Testing and Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance.

Electric shocks are generally more dangerous as the voltage increases however in the UK all mains voltages supplying your home or company premises are sufficient to kill or inflict a serious injury.An electric shock can cause;

    • the heart to stop or beating properly
    • the person to stop breathing properly
    • muscle spasms
    • electrical burns
    • an electrical fire

More information can be found by visiting the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website.

There are electrical standards and approved codes of practice, the details of which can again be found on the HSE website.


Veriserv GEM staff awards-fourth Quarter 2015

Veriserv has presented two employees with the GEM ‘Going the Extra Mile’ Award for the fourth quarter of 2015. This is in recognition of those staff and field engineers who have done something over and above in their job role to help our clients or the company. Each winner receives a cash prize and has their photograph in the “Veriserv hall of fame” a TV display screen in the office reception.

Veriserv GEM staff awards-fourth Quarter 2015 – The staff award is based upon nominations by other staff members and the engineer award is drawn out of a hat containing all positive customer feedback that has been received in the previous three month period.

Over the past weeks Veriserv staff have been voting and giving their reasons why they think a certain member of staff should be presented with the GEM award. These nominations go to a panel of directors who deliberate over the worthy winner from all the nominated candidates.

This quarters staff winner is Emma Westwood who is a key member of Veriserv’s Operations booking team.  Emma has received the GEM Award for the 4th quarter of 2015 and has gone above and beyond her job role by working tirelessly to get the job done when taking on new and challenging contracts, working extra hours whenever necessary.

Veriserv staff and directors all believe Emma fully deserves the GEM Award as she has ‘Gone the Extra Mile’ whilst maintaining her great sense of humour and without a single complaint!

Well Done Emma!

Veriserv staff award

Veriserv’s Portable Appliance Testing engineer, Peter Meciar was presented with the engineer GEM Award following a draw out of a hat which contains all customer positive feedback for on site engineers. Veriserv received great feedback from a customer where Peter had worked, stating that Peter had “delivered excellent service whilst on site completing the electrical testing of portable appliances.”

Peter was one of Veriservs’ engineers whose name went into the draw and Peters name was drawn out, however credit also goes to those engineers who also had good feedback and were included in the draw.

Positive feedback from our customers is a great boost to all who work at Veriserv, reinforcing the level of service and commitment we strive provide to all our customers.

Well Done Peter!

veriserv staff award

Engineers at Veriserv do a fantastic job and receive numerous emails from clients communicating their gratitude for their hard work.

Veriserv are extremely proud of all their Staff and Engineers. They work extremely hard and always express enthusiasm and show industrious workmanship throughout all tasks and works. This follows through to providing an excellent service to all our clients.

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