Protecting multiple sites

For those with multiple sites across the country, we ensure that everything is safe and compliant in every building to the same high standards.

Protect everyone and everything, everywhere

Multiple sites with multiple environments create multiple risks.

You have a responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment to protect everyone and everything that comes under your jurisdiction.

You need to be sure that the same high standards of protection apply everywhere. And with Versiserv, you can.

Protect your time

You could use different contractors to do what needs to be done. Different contractors to test and inspect, to maintain and to install. Different contractors for electrical, security and fire protection. Different contractors at your different sites.

Alternatively, use one contractor: Veriserv.

  • With engineers across every discipline you require.
  • With only have employed engineers, no sub-contractors, who deliver to a consistently high standard.
  • With a single point of contact, saving you time dealing with numerous contractors.

Protect your resources

Working with Veriserv as a single contractor, not only makes things simple and straightforward, with piece of mind, but also saves costs.

  • With time saved, dealing with one contractor, saves money.
  • With planning together, we can optimize resources across your whole estate.
  • With multiple testing, compliance and safety and security requirements dealt with by a single team of engineers, rather than different contractors.

Protect yourself – use Veriserv

See how Veriserv is protecting others like you.
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Protecting Multiple Sites


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