Veriserv Pass NSI Audit for Gold Fire Standard

Following an NSI Audit, Veriserv Fire & Security have retained their NSI Gold Standard for Fire.

NSI Gold builds on product Certification to incorporate Quality Management System Certification. The combination of the Quality Management Systems and the relevant sector specific product or service represents the Gold standard of certification. This level holds the greatest perceived value across our industry and by the Police, Fire and Rescue services, as well as insurers.

NSI Audit

The majority of company tenders and insurance companies ask for NSI approved companies, for a reason, as they offer the best level of service.
Veriserv were thoroughly audited on both the management system used, and also through a site visit to a recent installation, where we had to demonstrate practical skills and knowledge.
The prestigious reputation of the NSI audit means businesses know they will be perceived more favorably, and end-users enjoy the reassurance which NSI certification brings.

Our mission is to provide every single customer with an outstanding service that is fit for purpose and delivered by experts to reduce risk. As you can see from our other faults of the week, regular visits from a professional can cut down the risk of electrical faults, fire and disrupted security, to you and your workplace.

So if you know you are due a service, or have some concerns about your premises, please call 01543 225306, or fill out one of our contact forms to arrange a free assessment of your premises, with one of our fully trained engineers.

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