VeriSafe – Work Force Solution

  • What support do you have in place for you & your staff in the event of being faced with unwanted confrontation?
  • Do you offer protection for your staff?
  • What would happen in the event of attack or robbery?
  • Do you need to reduce theft?
  • Have you lost your police response monitoring?

While a monitored security system can deter would be intruders and alert police in the event of an activation, these systems do not offer assistance in the day to day situations that you and your staff are exposed to.

Every day & night, for everyone.

The VeriSafe system has been developed to overcome the issues related to those who are continually exposed to the 24/7 risks associated with the hospitality, pub, leisure & retail industries, where predominately cash transactions take place, as well as the logistics, industrial and commercial sectors to name a few.

For teams of one upwards, including lone working assistance, we are able to offer a simple, proven and a very effective solution.

Veriserv have found that fitting our Verisafe boxes has helped to reduce crime by up 30% in most cases.

Comprehensive safety and security

This comprehensive system combines intruder detection, fire detection, CCTV, man down detection, and a remote panic button to keep your entire business, and the people in it, safe.

In the event of any kind of emergency, from violent customers to a fire, your staff can press the button on the panic key fob which will alert our fully-manned audio alarm receiving centre. Operators can then listen in on what’s happening, view CCTV footage, if connected, monitor covertly, and if required, interrupt a given situation by speaking to the staff member and perpetrator, and alert the appropriate emergency services where necessary.

Not only does our VeriSafe system mean that your staff will receive assistance in the event of an incident, it means they can confidently do their job without worrying about their safety.

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