Reporting & certificates

We offer a number of reporting options to make accessing and managing your reports and certificates as easy as possible.

We continually strive to utilise information technology and have invested heavily to find efficiencies in data capture, data transfer, the use of wireless telecommunications, waste reduction and improved Engineer productivity, which enable us to price competitively.

Each team of engineers use an electronic method of collecting data which is transferred remotely to the office systems on a daily basis. This test data is captured and uploaded using a bespoke software package jointly developed by Veriserv with Advanced New Technology of Sussex.

Web Reporting

Our preferred method of providing certification is to post your reports to a secure client area of our innovative web based database system, which allows for unparalleled service levels, including same-day reporting in emergency situations.

  • Instant results, that’s the way of the world. Fast, efficient, accurate reporting available within hours or days, not weeks.
  • With Web Reporting, your electrical reports will always be available to you; accessible from anywhere in the world and impossible to lose.
  • Notification of report availability is achieved via email with a direct link to your report.
  • A password hierarchical system for multi-site operations allows for contract level, regional level or individual site views.
  • The ability to utilise the web reporting site and job views as a management tool for due dates are invaluable to anyone monitoring or supervising an electrical maintenance contract.
  • Easy fail recognition on PAT reporting enables you to see at a glance whether your report contains failed appliances.
  • Easy fail recognition on PAT reporting enables you to see at a glance whether your report contains failed appliances.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: No paper, fewer resources for report production and no transportation via the postal system ensure that less energy is utilised; fewer carbon emissions and no waste; thus assisting us in retaining our ISO14001 Environmental Standard Certification
  • Posting of acrobat versions of your own documents or our electronic invoices to the web system is available should you wish to keep your associated documents in once place for ease of retrieval.
  • The print option, should this be a requirement is readily available.
  • Instant feedback provides you with a direct link to Veriserv Customer Services who will contact you as soon as your message is received.

Further information relating to Veriserv’s Web Reporting System please contact us.

Other Reporting Methods

We understand that not all clients wish to use our Web based system and can provide adobe acrobat and hard copy versions. Your individual needs are discussed and agreed.

Shared information

We see sharing information as an essential element of our ability to provide you with an effective service. Veriserv have the technology to allow you access to our own server via Windows remote desktop terminal services in order to share contract monitoring documentation in real time.

ISO27001 – Data & Security Standard

Finally it is worth noting that Veriserv take the security of your data very seriously. We are ISO27001 Data & Security Standard Certified and hold many contracts with HM Prisons Services, The Fire Service and The Police Service. Our experience in ensuring data is kept securely is extensive and assured.

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