CAD schematics & floor plans

Drawings and plans of your electrical installation are probably the single biggest aid when maintenance and service is being undertaken and are required for compliance with current regulations.

All drawings are prepared in-house by our trained CAD personnel and can be supplied in paper form up to size AO, AutCad to a version compatible with your software or in PDF.

What drawings do I need?

The drawing type can take on many forms though typically floor plans based on the “as fitted” electrical installation and distribution schematics are the most popular.

As Fitted Floor Plans

Floor plan drawings are superb for identifying fire & security equipment, electrical equipment and connections to other main services.

Electrical Schematics can be crucial in identifying supplies to electrical distribution boards and assist safe isolation procedures and modifications. These drawings can also gather crucial information that ensure the installation still satisfies basic design principles.

The drawings typically are placed in switch rooms and can be provided in a hard plastic form for durability.

Are they expensive to prepare?

As a standalone service preparing drawings can be quite costly, however as they are usually compiled during periodic inspection the process can be very cost effective and worthwhile.

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