Do you protect staff from robbery or violence?

Starbox Audio

Do you protect staff from robbery or violence?

At Veriserv we install a product designed to protect the safety of your staff and lone workers.

What support do you offer your workers in the event of them being faced with unwanted confrontation?

Do you offer protection for your workers? What would happen in the event of a robbery or medical emergency?

Veriserv are qualified and experienced installers of a unique product known as Starbox. This unique product will do all of the above and more!

At the push of a remote panic button a support team will assess the situation, distract the offender helping disrupt the focus of their intention and contact the Police or Paramedics before situations get out of hand.

Its works particularly well at public premises that deal with cash or drugs, such as pubs, betting shops and pharmacies.

Your current Health and Safety at work obligations place responsibility on companies to protect and support your staff where situations can arise which place them in danger or expose them to violence and intimidation.

Veriserv have found fitting Starbox’s have helped to reduce crime by up 30% in most cases. Also we can usually reduce the cost of your current monitoring services.

Please contact Veriserv, we will be pleased to offer you a free no obligation survey and a security consultation.


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